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Inspired by the Mind

Psychology is not just about performance and winning; Its about over coming fear, coping with anxiety or confidence, its about getting the motivation to achieve your goals. The mind is powerful allowing you to believe in yourself to do incredible things and that is something that inspires us at Watu. Our aim is to promote the Mind in a positive way by getting rid of the negative stigma words such as “mental health”. We want to educate you on the mind how we can act and think in certain situations allowing us to be more mindfulness. By understanding your mind and certain interventions you can turn a negative thought into something positive.


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Patrick Robinson – Founder

Patrick has always been passionate about helping people from being a personal trainer to teaching people how to cycle. He moved to London when he was 20 to study sports science & psychology at university. He was always chasing his dream of becoming a professional cyclist but always felt challenged by factors outside his control such as time and money.  After university Patrick studied a short Mindfulness course and then went on to become a professional cyclist.


 Patrick now aims to educate and inspire other people helping them achieve their goals and understand the way the human mind works and allowing other people to be mindful of their thoughts and actions.


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